About the Japan Visa Handbook 2014 Edition

The origins of the Japan Visa Handbook can be traced to 1998 with the establishment of PwC’s, Global Visa Solutions practice in Tokyo.

This book started as a rough guide used informally. It evolved into a reference that could be shared with multinational clients to assist in managing their international assignees.

While endeavoring to be thorough, the Japan Visa Handbook is written to be easily understood by anyone coming to Japan to work or establish a business. It is also a useful resource for foreign professionals who require an understanding of Japan immigration.

New In 2014

Japan has seen more profound change in 2014 than it has in many decades. The country is striving to reinvigorate its economy, and is doing so, at least in part, by facilitating the smooth entry of skilled foreigners.

In response, the Japan Visa Handbook is offered exclusively in electronic format allowing us to offer you the most relevant resource available.

The 2014 Edition has been modified so that every residence category is self-contained. This has come at the request of busy professionals who need to copy individual sections without the concern that other chapters are referenced. This has led to some repetition but we are satisfied that the utility of the book has been greatly enhanced.

Other important additions to the 2014 Edition include the following:

  • A new section on critical Japan tax planning issues that should be considered prior to commencing a job in Japan.
  • An expanded section on visa “self-sponsorship” in Japan including practical advice on setting up a company in Japan.
  • Advice on visa options available to assignees seeking to obtain a Japan visa for a same-sex partner.