Japan Work Visas

Japan work visa applications are a main focus of The Japan Visa Handbook. The book provides a step by step guide to the requirements for obtaining each of the main Japan work visa categories.

The 2014 edition also includes a new section on crucial Japan tax planning that is applicable to many of the Japan work visa categories.

There are 15 status of residence (“SOR”) that allow an individual to work in Japan, as follows:

  • Japan Professor Visa
  • Japan Artist Visa
  • Japan Religious Activities Visa
  • Japan Journalist Visa
  • Japan Investor / Business Manager Visa
  • Japan Legal / Accounting Services Visa
  • Japan Medical Services Visa
  • Japan Researcher Visa
  • Japan Instructor Visa
  • Japan Engineer Visa
  • Japan Specialist in Humanities / International Services Visa
  • Japan Intra-company Transferee Visa
  • Japan Entertainer Visa
  • Japan Skilled Labor Visa
  • Japan Highly Skilled Foreign Professional Visa

The difference between the Japan work visa categories lies in the qualifications required and / or the scope of work that can be undertaken.

In addition to the above listed 15 specific work visa categories, it may also be possible to do some work under a non-work visa category. For example, students may be able to obtain special permission to work part-time.

Finally, individuals with special status such as permanent residence, diplomat, etc. may work in Japan.