Sponsoring a Japan Visa for a Housekeeper, Maid, or Nanny



It is not unusual for families (especially those with several children) to hire a nanny and a maid / housekeeper to look after children and the home. Some families may even have a cook, driver, and other personal help.

This is especially common in the Southeast Asia and in the Middle East.

The situation in Japan is quite different. In addition to salaries being substantially higher than those found in the Middle East and the rest of Asia, it can be very difficult to obtain a proper Japan visa for these maids, nannies, housekeepers, and other personal help.

Basic Visa Requirements

In order to obtain a Japan visa for a maid, nanny, housekeeper, etc. there are three main requirements:

  1. 1. Typically, the person seeking to sponsor the visa must hold one of the following statuses of residence in Japan:
    • a. Investor / Business Manager
    • b. Legal / Accounting Services

    (Note that those with a Diplomat Visa, Official Visa, and certain members of the US military may be eligible to act as a sponsor.)

  2. 2. The sponsor must also satisfy a number of additional requirements that typically include:
    • a. The sponsor may be required to have at least one child who is under the age of 13 years, or
    • b. A spouse who is not able to assist in running a household due to illness / incapacity.

  3. 3. Finally note that there are minimum compensation requirements.

If approved, the housekeeper may obtain a Japan Designated Activities Visa.
If you are considering sponsoring a Japan visa for personal help, it is strongly recommended that a certified immigration specialist be engaged.